Triumph Street Triple

Lowering Kit Triumph Street Triple R (RX) ABS (L67LR) 2012 Mizu 30 mm

Lowering Kit Triumph Street Triple R (RX) ABS (L67LR) 2012 Mizu 30 mm

Lowering Kit Triumph Street Triple R (RX) ABS (L67LR) 2012 Mizu 30 mm    Lowering Kit Triumph Street Triple R (RX) ABS (L67LR) 2012 Mizu 30 mm

Lowering Kit Mizu Triumph Street Triple R (RX) ABS (L67LR) from the year 2012. This kit lowers your bike by 30 mm. Replacement of original suspension linkage rods. Assembly time and difficulty indicated by the manufacturer.

Mizu lowering kits offer a more dynamic riding position for your bike. These kits allow you to easily bring your legs closer to the ground. Touring or sports bikes will provide a seat height according to your needs.

Mastering the bike at a standstill will make you feel safe and give you a new driving pleasure. Mizu lowering kits are tested and specifically developed for each vehicle. The rear suspension linkage joint is modified with a kit specific to each motorcycle model. The lowering value indicated is measured vertically above the rear wheel axis. These kits are guaranteed for 2 years and are manufactured according to ISO 9001 standard.

In principle, we recommend assembly and modification of these suspension parts by a specialized motorcycle workshop. Experience and mechanical knowledge cannot be replaced by the following assembly instructions. Before starting work on your vehicle, make sure your bike is securely fixed. This product can only be used on the type and model of bike mentioned and indicated on the application list. Do not try to install this product on a different vehicle. Brand, model, type and model year must match. For tightening torques, use the manufacturer's specifications for your vehicle. Please read the instructions carefully before starting the installation. Make sure you have all the necessary tools and that they are in perfect condition.

Protect your bike in the work area. Cover delicate parts with blankets or other appropriate materials. Make sure your bike is properly fixed and stabilized before starting work on your vehicle. To facilitate assembly, the rear wheel must have a ground clearance of about 4 to 5 cm.

Check all parts before, during, and after each step. Clean and degrease all surfaces of the parts before assembly. Be careful during assembly to avoid damaging or scratching the bike. Mistakes can happen quickly and parts can be easily damaged. Check and make sure the lowering kit does not touch or rub against another part of the bike.

Push the rear suspension to the maximum, all parts must articulate freely and no friction is allowed. Check the tightening of all bolts again. You must adjust your suspension settings to the new circumstances. With reduced ground clearance, adapt your driving style. Always check the operation and movement of the rear suspension and swing arm before each use.

Installation of the lowering kit. Loosen the nuts of the original linkage rods and remove the fixing screws using appropriate tools. Remove the original linkage rods and replace them with the MIZU lowering kit.

In most cases, these are about 3 to 10 mm longer or shorter than the original linkage rods. Must be visible from the outside. Depending on the model, please use new lock nuts and follow the tightening torques prescribed by the vehicle manufacturer. Once the installation is complete, ensure the free movement of the brake hose, shock absorber, and swing arm.

Check the operation and travel of the suspension. When lowering the bike, the chain tension is usually increased. Always pay attention to correct tension of the transmission chain and follow the manufacturer's instructions. Finally, it should be noted that the vehicle must have a stable position on the side and center stand. Depending on the motorcycle model, the side stand and center stand, if your bike has one, must be adjusted if necessary. The value of the rear lowering is measured vertically above the rear wheel axis and may vary depending on wear and shock absorber adjustment. The motorcycle accessories specialist in France, the best prices, the best service at Mecadata.
Lowering Kit Triumph Street Triple R (RX) ABS (L67LR) 2012 Mizu 30 mm    Lowering Kit Triumph Street Triple R (RX) ABS (L67LR) 2012 Mizu 30 mm